Today we are going to talk. on a very interesting topic which is a smart human i.e. a human brain with a microchip in it Friends welcome to my You tube website “The Contentjunction”. please pin it to my website and also press the bell icon to see all of my articles regularly Till now, you must have heard or read about Smartphone, Smart TV. Smart read, Smart Car.

and even on Smart City you might have seen something but in this article we will talk about Smart Human Mind or you can say Super Human mind which might turn in reality soon in sometime from now You may not believe it. it will probably sound like a science fiction movie to you right now but trust this it probably might not take a lot of time for all this to come true and all this might happen from the Project of world visionary Elon Musk i.e. Neuralink Yes, this is the same world famous Elon Musk. who has earlier also completed the projects that seemed impossible earlier, , but he brought them to reality for example his company Space X which is a private company which sends rockets into space like NASA and ISRO not only this, the future goal of this company is to send humans to mars planet and also make human settlements over there Similarly, he has another company. Tesla which made the dream of electric cars for the world, come true.

So their Neuralink project. is a very ambitious project which is in a very advanced stage on which they have already done on animals their experiment and analysis and after the approval of the American agency FDA, they are also going to start human trials on it, soon Lets discuss in details with you about this. Word goes around that the reason this interesting project was started. by Elon Musk primarily for 2 major reasons the first is at the speed with which artificial intelligence is taking control of our lives and the world and way it is developing then it is highly feasible that In the long run the biggest threat to the human race will come from AI i.e. Artificial Intelligence in such circumstances NeuraLink's implant in this human mind , this microchip.

might make our brain and the ability to think through at par with Artificial Intelligence or equal to any super computer and we will be able to do all that comfortably which seems impossible to imagine right now Another reason is that this micro-chip of the brain. can cure many neurologically related diseases of humans to a great extent such as Alzheimer's, depression insomnia, coma, brain stroke paralytic spinal cord injury, etc. Now let's try to find out. how it works People in their initial research found. that human mind is like a device that first takes a lot of information captured as input and then by processing it gives Output here we can consider as the input device our eyes which is a very good high speed visual interface and for us it delivers directly to our brain all the captured information but our brain absorbs it very slowly and processes only little information comparatively at a slow pace thus gives less output against it but if somehow we can increase, the captured or stored information analysis and processing speed well enough then the output of the brain will also increase and therefore in the information input and output from our brain there will not be much of difference Keeping this in mind, Neuralink has created for the human brain.

a microchip whose latest prototype was shared by Elon Musk with people just a short time ago in which this brain micro chip looks like a small implant in the brain, which is almost as small in size as a small coin as seen by people and is only a few mm in size it also has many threads that are much thinner than our hair and there are many electrodes on each thread that will activate or stimulate all the neurons in our brain So that our brain can become very active. and will probably work much faster because the neurons in our brain send to each other i.e from one neuron to another send chemical signals to each other which causes action potential which then causes an electric field to be generated and it will be caught by the electrodes attached to this micro chip and they will forward it to the microchip then this microchip will convert these signals into digital information and will further send them to the external device in the outside environment it is not only that we will be able to read these signals but we will also be able to write it and in the times ahead there are unlimited possibilities For the example, just imagine that you have to go to Russia for some work. or you are traveling there for a few days during the holidays but you are not Russian and that is why you do not know the language there, the Russian language in the present time to learn a new language well i.e. reading, writing and speaking might take years However. with this Neuralink's brain micro chip it might be possible in the coming time for you to get any new language in just a few moments downloaded in your brain and start using it or just think if Google Maps or any other map map is directly saved in your mind and gets updated on its own then how convenient it would be Right now.