In college, I have this vivid memory of sitting in a 700 person race-relations class. in this giant lecture hall and there was a student who was a veteran. So, he was older than most of the kids in the class, and he was sitting in a row behind this person who was on their laptop in the middle of class as we're talking about these like socio-economic issues, and, she was shopping for something. And I remember that the veteran turned to me and he was furious. He was ticked off.

that someone could be wasting an education like that. And so, in this article on on how to make learning fun for adults, I want to bring him up and center here because I think and this is a generalization, but I think in general, if you're an adult in an educational context, whether you've gone back for a degree or you've never got a degree and you're coming to get a degree, or you just got out of the military

well, whatever reason you're going back, you probably take learning a little bit more seriously. And you have a bunch more crap going on in your life, right. You might have kids, you might have family, you might have all those stuff going on,. and you take learning seriously whereas like, you're 18, you get to go to college, laid back, whatever.

Like learning's fun because as soon as you get out of class, there's plenty of things that you can do that are fun, right? Where as, an adult learner is probably gonna be like, commute to campus, like get their learning done,. and leave or maybe even online; even more commonly now, right, getting a degree completely online. So, taking that learning seriously because there's some purpose that they are making a sacrifice in the middle of their busier, fuller lives to go back, right. No one's paying for their college tuition, that's on their dime. Well, I guess in the military, the government for his degree, but the point was an adult is a little bit more invested in their education.