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DIY Living Room Desk And Transformation Ideas

22 April 2022

First, cut the melamine board to make side pieces and bottom of the concret...

Office Bedroom Combo Ideas

30 March 2022

9. Double Office Concept It is a lofty answer for you if you have a partner...

Partition Storage Room Dividers

05 March 2022

Step 2: Screw the brackets on both sides of your wall. Step 3: Attach the w...


Multifunctional Furniture Ideas For Small Spaces Room Diy Space Furnitures Home Organization With Project Bedroom Saving Makeover Simphome Living Img Vi

Multifunctional Furniture Ideas For Small Spaces

18 January 2022

You may not believe it, but even a small room can feel spacious with the right furniture and layout! Properties are getting more expensive and inaccessible, but multifunctional furniture makes a living in such tight quarters bearable f...


Design Room Measuring Guide Designthusiasm Layout Diy Wp Content Uploads How To Measure Sketch

How To Measure Room

24 January 2022

Especially height under windows,   whatever it is. But for now, I'm just doing  a simple floor plan. So what I'm going to do,   is I'm going to take my measuring tape and  keep it on the ground. And go from one wall   to anothe...