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DIY Living Room Desk And Transformation Ideas

22 April 2022

They can hold more than just books and can be used to show all sorts of exi...

Executive Desk With Wireless Charging And Hidden Drawer

09 March 2022

Now I'll install a grid work of muntins, which is perhaps my favorite word ...

How To Temporary Room Divider With IKEA Billy Bookcases Create Home Office

14 January 2022

I also made a double-sided picture frame by removing the flaps from two fra...


Sit On The Floor Improve Your Health Chair Desk Setup Small Office Home Wfh Minimalist Workspace Furniture Healthy Tour Work From Living Img Vi

Sit On The Floor Improve Your Health Chair Desk Setup Guide

27 March 2022

Working on the floor is actually  quite a liberating experience. With   the help of a few common objects around the house,   you would have an endless number of  postures to keep your body comfortable. Some postures can feel some...


Cooling Load Calculation Cold Room The Engineering Mindset Refrigeration Calculate Heat Loss Evaporator Hvac Heating Industrial Plant Sizing And Convection

Cooling Load Calculation Cold Room Hvac

16 March 2022

It runs for thirty minutes three times a day, and the transfer efficiency is 30%. So 30% of all the energy it consumes is actually just transferred into the cold room. We will then use the formula power multiplied by time multiplied by...