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Nature Inspired Cubicle Makeover

06 April 2022

So I have a big DIY surprise coming at ya. But first, let's demo this place...

Empty Office Studio

15 March 2022

To get like some real in-depth advice from me. Hope you're doing well and I...

Unique Office Supplies For Productive Work Space Need It

26 March 2022

Okay, and there's only so much room on my desk for everything. You can maxi...


How To Room Divider Engineer Your Space Diy Do It Yourself Organizing Small Spaces Bookcase Apartment Decorating Office Decor Ideas Solutions Decorate Studio

How To Temporary Room Divider With IKEA Billy Bookcases Create Home Office

14 January 2022

The tape helps protect the finish for a smoother edge, and all that's needed is a light sanding to take out the rough spots. The next part of the project was to make the top, and I made mine using one by fours that I had cut at the har...


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Roomstyler Lesson Draw Your Room

13 March 2022

I will set the height of the opening to match the ceiling height, which was 2.5 meters. Also, I want a much wider opening. I’m making it two meters. And I will drag it just in the centre. You can see the opening appear in the preview...