The way information is taught in high school differs from college, which differs from medical school. Here’s what you need to know about how teaching and learning styles vary between each stage in your training to become a future doctor.

High school learning is terribly inefficient, and that’s by design. Grade school is largely a form of day care for children and adolescents while parents are gone to work. From early in the morning until mid afternoon, you’re in school, and most of your time in school is spent in class being lectured to. Homework assignments often feel like busy work, rather than genuine efforts to teach you something valuable, and certain classes seem completely irrelevant altogether.

Your schedule and curriculum are both structured and regimented, leaving little room for electives or exploring your curiosity. Perhaps you have optionality with which physical education, or PE class to take, or maybe some selection with the type of history class you enroll in. If you’re really lucky, perhaps you get the opportunity for an automotive workshopping class, which I wish I had a chance to do.