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Jaimee Simpson / decor / 02 October 2021, 12:51:52
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It is about time that I got on with this office room and kind of showed you what's going on with it. If you have been reading my Style Diaries, you probably saw hints of it through the mirror, because this is the room that I film in, to like show my outfits, now I've got that full-length mirror. But other than that, this room has been pretty sparse.and I've only just got a desk. I was holding out for Damien to make me a desk because he made our dining table, I love that table.

So I kind of want a desk that's like that, but, I got a little bit impatient and I just just like, for the time being I'm just gonna get quite an affordable one from Ikea and that will kind of like see me through, until Damien has time to make the desk, so then that can kind of utilise the space a little bit better, and I just wanted to get it organised. So things are coming together nicely. I have a little bit of footage which I'm going to insert around about now.and that is just of like the room coming together, painting the room.and erm, yeah, and then putting up the desk, which will lead us to now. So I'll err, insert that now! music) So back to you today, in March.and yeah, this is a situation. We've got the dark wall.

I have been loving it. You've probably seen this in the backdrop of some of my sit down articles. I'm so happy with this colour. This is.I'll insert the colour somewhere hear because I forgot.'Saint Pierre', that's it! from Valspar. Love the shade, it's.I wanted a really dark shade but I didn't want black, because I was a little bit scared it would be too dark, and I still want this a bright.to be a bright room, because this is where I film, and I find like when I'm working, I'm more productive, if I've got like, a light space.

So I kind of wanted it dark, but not too dark. So this is kind of like a plumby shade.it's almost purpley in sunlight, but then at night, I like that it's quite dark as well. I've added in a few bits recently this looks so like, ratchet right now.so I wanted one of these floating shelves. This is gonna be sorted out. I only got these yesterday from Ikea, I wanted some lights, but I kind of underestimated the length of these, so they're looking a little bit crazy.

So I'm gonna sort these out, but these are just battery-powered which is quite good. Erm so you.little pack here. And they turn.I don't even know if you can see.they are on, but you probably can't tell as it's quite bright outside. Erm so, I do like the lights but I don't think they're gonna stay like that because, I was thinking they'd be a lot shorter. Anyway.just didn't measure them, underestimated that.

And I'm erm, I'm liking the floating shelf. some arts which we'll get to a little bit later on but I haven't actually put some art which we'll get to a little bit later on, but I haven't actually put it in the frame yet. And then this one is a print I've had for a months, In fact, I probably had this for about a year and a half now. I always knew that this was gonna go in the office room, and this is by a artist that I found an Instagram called Tam Farrell.in fact, I say I found her, she found me and drew this. So she tagged me in this and I actually saw it and then I was like, can I buy that, so I bought that and because I like finding pieces of art from like independent artists and stuff like that.

It's really cool, and this is actually from a picture of me. If I can I'll insert the photograph here and you can see the similarity. And it was a shot that was taken whilst I was in Lisbon.and I like it because she's put in the, in the chewing gum bubble, she's put 'I'll be yours for.' crossed out the 'ever' and put 'now'. I like it, it's cute! So yeah, that's been in that frame for a while, it's just not been on the Shelf yet, but I always knew it'd be in my office room, so that's there. And then I'll hopefully get something else for this.

So that's an Ikea frame, that's and Ikea frame. Ikea shelf, and the sofa.I've not really shown this yet, but this is from Made.com. Again I knew I wanted a sofa bed for in here, cause we didn't want it to like take over the space. I'm using this as my filming room/office room, where I'll do work on the computer and stuff like that. So I just wanted a big open space, and as you will have seen in my articles, I am utilising that open space, which is nice.

So this sofa bed's quite good because you can see it's quite quite miniature, but at the same time, you can fit two people on it to sleep, which was the main thing. I had my first guest sleep on it last weekend and errr, all was well, all was well. At some point I'll be able to show you that kind of open, but probably not today, because there's a lot of crap in this room. But the plan of action at the moment is getting this thing here.over here. So I've got this little pile of stuff that needs to kind of go.

But I'm just going to shift that into another room for now. This is the chest that was in here from when this was our bedroom and I absolutely love this. This was one of the first pieces of furniture I bought for this house. I got it off eBay, it's like an antique dresser. It cost around forty five pound, and then I up-cycled it.

So sanded it down and painted it this vibrant mustard yellow, which I love. Because the colour scheme for this room, in fact I'll show you for the mirror. used to be black, white, mustard.but now it's not the bedroom, so it's changed. But I still love the dresser and I do actually love this in that space. But I want the desk there, because I didn't want the desk in front of the window, because it gets really hot in here in the summer, so I didn't want to be in the direct sunlight, plus I use my full length mirror now for filming, so logistically, it just works to have the desk there.

So this is the temporary desk that I've just put up, finished putting up.Took flipping ages. From Ikea. But I'm hoping that that fits there. Because I measured it yesterday, after we'd already bought it. and it's very close.

It's, it's gonna be snug. So I'm hoping that will fit. I'm gonna keep the mirror there, that's also from Ikea. Erm, so the dresser's gonna come out. I think I'm gonna re-home this in the hallway, which we're still yet to finish.

Cause, I'm gonna keep it this colour, because I just love the colour. And erm, yeah, put the desk there. Leave that mirror potentially.I think we will. I'll see what it looks like. Erm, because at the moment I've only got my laptop, so that's just going to go there.

And clear out this stuff. And then obviously we've got the full length mirror. And this room's a mess. So we're just kind of, erm.tidying and arranging.and making it more like an office room basically. I'm really excited to have a space that I can work in, because I.I don't do it on camera but, at home, I moan a lot that I have to sit the dining table.

Because it just.I don't like.it's really hard sometimes when you work at home and you don't have a distinct place to go to work, because then when it becomes like, no longer work time, it's really hard to switch off. Plus you're kind of like home space becomes a mess, because if you're working and stuff and there's crap around.yeah it will just be nice to have a separate room to work. So that's the plan of action. Enough waffling.and let's get into tidying up a little bit, and trying to get this desk into that space. Also, this is quite heavy, so I'll see how I fair with moving that.

Damien was like, just wait till I get home. No. I'm too impatient for that, I'm gonna try to move it myself. So, uh wish me luck! music) Mid way through.Things are actually taking a lot longer than I expected, but I'm currently having a little bit of a dilemma.it's not a major dilemma but, I'm a little bit unsure about where to put the desk now.so because I've tidied up this area.laughs) I say that and it's actaullt got crap on it. I had tidied up this area and I've now put stuff on it again.

Erm.but because I saw this area clear again, I thought I'll just take some shots of it, and as I was taking pictures of it, I felt a bit sad that it was gonna go. So I actually move this out, cleaned behind it, and then just put it back to take some pictures. And I was all ready to put the desk in place but then I thought, I'll try the desk here.and originally this is what I'd originally said, under the window, that's where the desk would go. Because you know, you've kind of got the natural light in front of you, and it's nice and bright. But then after thinking about it, I thought I'd get too hot working in front of the window, because it's not too bad today, but when it is the height of summer, it gets really, really hot.so mmm, I don't know.

I've put it there to see, because I thought it's light enough for me to move. So I put it there just to look. I'm starting to kind of like it. I know Damien, if he sees this, if I send him a picture now, he'll like it there and he'll be like, oh yeah you should just leave it there. Because this is gonna be his office too a bit, manly mind though laughs).

Oh I don't know! But then a part of me wants to still maybe move that and try it there, but then that is a lot of moving. At the moment I'm just doing a little bit of plant arranging, like plants styling, but I'm just trying to get an idea of how it would be. And I can still do my outfit of the day thing over here.this is really not a good example, this is just at home.outfit.but errrmmm, yeah I can still do this malarkey here, and it doesn't get in the way, which is important for the, for the Style Diaries, for those of you who know, so hmm. could this be the desk area. And there's still space here for the bed to pull out.

I'm just working things out.or do I try it here, and then that can go in the hall.I don't know, I just don't know. Also this is wobbly, in fact I don't think it's this is wobbly, it's our floor. I'm just gonna put something else underneath it if I decide to keep it here then it should stick in place. Hello again so some time has passed but I think we've finally got there, and it's amazing what an Ikea desk and some plants can do, because I feel like this office space has been transformed into what it should be, an office. So I've decided to keep the desk in front of the window for now.

I thought, rather than start moving this chest over here and getting all hot and bothered, I thought I'll leave the desk there, arrange some plants around it and then sort of live with it for a little bit, and see how I get on with that. And I've also brought my fan up. So I may as well just show you the space. So this is how it's looking. It's kind of hard to see because of the light's obviously shining through.

But at the moment I've just brought up this temp chair which is one of our dining room chairs, a ghost chair. We did actually get a makeshift chair from Ikea, but that's downstairs at the moment I need to build it. It's like a plain wood one, which you paint yourself. I'm thinking of painting it the same colour yellow as that. However eventually, again like with the desk, I do want to get, like a comfier, proper office chair.

But it's just finding the right one. There's a couple on Made, but I just.I'm not sure on the colours at the moment. So for now anyway, that's fine and yeah. It actually looks quite cute with the ghost chair. I've just propped a little cushion on there.

That's also from downstairs. And to be honest, I'm pretty impressed with the desk. I mean it's basic, but I think with the plants styled around it, it actually looks okay. So my desktop is pretty minimal anyway because like I say, for the time being I've only got a laptop until we build a computer, and yeah the plants around it. I've actually decided to keep this one here.

We got this last week actually, I think the plant. I think the plant and the pot, and this stand where all from Ikea. I really like that one. We've had this planet before and we repurchased it. It died.

I blame Damien for that one because he's supposed to be the plant father who waters the plants, when he's supposed to. Errm, that's also for Ikea. And again plants.I think most of the plants are from Ikea, or one might be from B&Q. And then this here is from HomeSense. I got that a couple of weeks ago and it was just kind of sat here for a while, but I've decided to move it next to the desk.and I've just brought up this fan.

I just gave it a clean because it's not been out since last summer. So I feel like that will resolve the sort of heat problem if I get too warm, because I did have that on before, and it kind of cooled down the room quite a bit, and I actually feel like it adds to the aesthetic a bit as well. So, like that there. Then obviously we've got this area, which you've already seen.kind of need to fluff those cushions. I want something here I don't know like, maybe a table, or another plant.

let me just fluff this, it's really annoying me laughs). From this angle this is what we're looking at. This is looking very bare at the moment because I've removed the frame until I get something to put in it, but I've got a plan of what's gonna happen here, like I said I'm creating some pieces of art. And this is actually the side table from downstairs, but I've brought it up.I keep bringing it up and bringing it down, because I actually need a side table for in here, so until I get one I just kind of borrow the one from downstairs. And these are actually the shelves to go in there, but I'm still undecided yet of what I want the Shelf self set up to be.it doesn't have a back it's just empty like that.

Cameras just hiding in there at the moment.so until I know what I'm gonna keep in there I just decided not to put the shelves in. And then like I say, this works mirror wise. Not that we need to look at today's outfit, but I can still do Style Diaries in the mirror, and see my outfit, which is what this mirror is for. This corner.so this is pretty much how it was. And I'm kind of glad that I get to keep this little area, because I do like the pop of the mustard yellow in this corner.

That's why I painted it that colour because I just knew it would work so nicely. Erm, this Desenio print has been kind of been propped here for a while now. Again it was supposed to be another temporary thing, but I feel like with the sort of monochrome theme we've got going on, and the pop of colour it works quite well. So I'll show you from this angle. It's kind of keeping that spacious vibe which I wanted.there's me.

I've got my diffuser.been asked about this one before. it's the Hale and Whittle, and it's Clementine Prosecco. The amount of people that come into this room and say they absolutely love that scent. So that's what that is. And it is amazing.

So I'll link it down below anyway. Erm, I've got the vase from. I think that's from Ikeas as well. I've got more Ikea than I realised. This tray, I'm just obsessed with.

I got this at an antique store about two months ago now. I just absolutely love it. It's like a metal tray, I just was like. at the time I had no idea where I was gonna put i, but now this has become its home. So just put that there for now, with the flowers.

And then they're just kind of propped there because that's like sort of excess pillows. They used to be on our bed when this was a cool theme, but they're just kind of there now because they don't have a home. But I feel like they look alright on the chest. Erm.Ikea mirror, these are Ikea, this is John Lewis. This is really big, it is really nice actually, it's great for in the winter.

Like I say, that used to go on top of our bed but now it's just like extra and kind of a prop laughs). It's a little bit redundant but we'll, we'll stick with it. So yeah, I think that's everything.and I feel like very inspired to work now. So I'll have to kind of keep you updated, and let you know how I get on with it, but I feel like I've got a good setup. I can do my work from there, I can use this area to sit and do my articles like I have been doing, and when I do styling articles and film full-length, I can actually film from this angle, and do this here.

Oh and I need a new one of these sausage things, that one's a bit dusty and gross. I'm pretty happy with it, I think I'm gonna end things here. I'll probably end up doing a proper office tour, maybe in a month or so, when I feel like this room is like properly coming together, because I feel like with all home stuff, is pretty much impossible to do a changing rooms, where you get everything sorted in the space of a day. Because I tend to shop for things over time, and buy things as I see them. So as things evolve, I'll show you how I get on as the space comes together properly, and pieces change around a bit.

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