Today we're going to talk about the power of Augmented Reality for learning and development. So I'm going to use this app that we created on the iPad. to scan the surface of the parking lot. We're just going to look around with the camera. and I'm gonna touch on to the parking lot surface right about here to place my 3D model So now we have a full sized,.

to-scale model of a vehicle right here in the parking lot with us. What's cool is I can walk around this model now. I can check out details of this model,. We can walk inside,. Check out the interior,.

We can look through the front window,. Now the real power of Augmented Reality for learning and development. is not just placing a really cool model in the world with you, but it's being able to interact with that model So let's say we wanted to teach somebody about the parts of this car. I'd walk up here -. Maybe I want to learn about the tire -.

Touch the tire, it highlights it, it gives me a tag. I can touch the wheel. Let's get in closer -. I can touch the lug nut. We can also teach somebody how to perform a task.

so here we have a toolbox icon in the upper right hand corner I'm gonna press that icon. and it gives me a couple things we can do let's learn how to change the caliper So now we have step-by-step instructions on how to perform this task. So here we have highlighting what it is we need to do. Instructions on how to remove it,. we even have a little article button that we can touch and a article player pops up showing us a demonstration on how to remove the lug nuts.