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My Home Office Setup For Video Behind The Scenes Tour

Bryson Kouma / paint / 17 January 2022, 03:29:58
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First of all let me just acknowledge how freaking privileged and lucky I am. We moved into this house in North Carolina and it had this extra bonus room that we didn't really have an intent for. So I absolutely raised my hand and I'm like, that's my room, I'm using that, and I turned it into my little sanctuary.

It is not only the space where I shoot articles It's where I store most of my books. I have a little writing nook here on the side where I remove myself from all of the other distractions or all of the other habits that I have when I'm sitting in my normal working space in my normal office. And I have this desk here with this ancient computer. This computer's at least eight or nine years old, so it's really slow, but I can absolutely still word process on it. So this is where I've been writing my clarity code book which I hope to have done and launched by the end of this year, fingers crossed.

And it's just a really incredible opportunity to have this this set aside like special writing place. So I keep a lot of my clothes here. The ones that I most often wear in my website article, because spoiler alert, I don't always look this put together in my real life. I am typically wearing yoga pants and some athleisure. But some of my nicer, more intentional on-brand clothing is saved up here.

This is also my space for my hobbies. So I have a acrylics paint and my paint set here. I have stuff for hand lettering, none of that I am any good at all but it is here for my use. And then I have a full-length mirror for just you're checking out, making sure that I look the way that I want to look before I record articles. And then notice I mentioned this in my tour of the of my downstairs office, but notice that there's actually space behind the couch between myself and the wall and especially with the high-quality camera that I have for shooting website articles.

This creates some depth of field, meaning the background is actually a little bit blurry behind me. It creates some separation between myself and the, like all of the books and the art behind me. And then on the wall, similar also to my downstairs office I have acoustic panels. I have two strips of acoustic panels that are basically in front of me as I'm speaking. And then that custom piece of art, which is completely on brand with that blue swirly agate looking art there.

That's actually an acoustic panel as well because I wanted to make sure that the sound quality was as pristine as possible since I'd be recording all of the article content. And then other than that I have like my, my woo basket here. I have like my oracle cards and a couple tarot decks and a journal, those types of things, miscellaneous camera equipment. Of course, all of my hats and the jewelry that I wear in my website articles. I also have, I like to maximize the space as much as possible so we obviously have the main set that I'm recording the article on right now but I also have a seamless backdrop of paper.

I don't use it very often, but every once in a while I'll either take self portraits or I'll record like a promotional or an ad article over there, just to mix things up so all of my content doesn't have, there's just a little bit more variety that I'm using. So there you have it, my extremely lucky bonus room that was here in the house ripe for my use and my taking. It is such a joy and yeah, I'm just I'm so grateful that I have it because working from home especially with a brain like mine, I just, I thrive on on changing things up and like shifting my context in sometimes to be able to focus especially for like writing the book I literally need to remove some of the normal distractions. So having control over this space gave me a really beautiful opportunity to create content for you. And I hope that maybe it'll inspire you to dedicate maybe just a corner of your living room even if you don't have a whole room like I do.

If you can just set up a space for you to record articles that is intentional that is on brand and that you can just sit into that space and create content whenever you want to create, it speeds up the process so, so much. So have fun at creating your article space if that's your intent, or if you're just here to enjoy the tour of my studio. I'm so thrilled that you are. If you found this helpful please give it a thumbs up. If you haven't yet hit that pin it button and the notification bell will let you know when I record or when I publish speaks gibberish) words are hard.

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