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Multifunctional Furniture Ideas For Small Spaces

Arbaaz Osborn / office / 18 January 2022, 01:04:40
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You may not believe it, but even a small room can feel spacious with the right furniture and layout! Properties are getting more expensive and inaccessible, but multifunctional furniture makes a living in such tight quarters bearable for many homeowners! Thanks to modern innovations in multipurpose furniture, even single-room apartment-owners can multi-task efficiently in a small space. Don’t get left behind – quality multifunction furniture gives homeowners an edge regarding freedom and versatility in adapting home interiors. We’ve compiled some of the best trends and ideas for 2021 or beyond to help you style small spaces! Make the most out of your living space with our 12 multifunctional pieces of furniture for small space ideas. As usual, this compilation is researched and compiled for you by Simphome.com. 12.

The Easy guest bedroom furniture idea. Do you need a quick and hassle-free solution for accomodating house guests? Get a multifunctional recliner and bed in one complete package! We are in love with this plush foldable chair perfect for a lounge room or receiving area. If you have guests on the way, easily unfold the piece to reveal a single bed. This option is definitely easier and more comfortable than that bulky one-inch futon you have stowed away! We also love how the piece can easily be stored thanks to its classy casing. This functional piece is stunning in all its forms! 11.

The L-Shaped sectional sleeping sofa Idea. We have the perfect solution for studio owners who want a full-sized bed and a living room! You don’t have to choose one over the other – get this super convenient L-shaped sectional sleeping sofa. We love the versatility of this multifunction sofa bed. See how easy it would be to reverse sections for easy home decorating. There’s nothing quite like a modular piece for freedom and adaptability in transforming home interiors.

Living in a studio apartment doesn’t mean you can’t get a full-sized bed. Simply pull out the bed at night for extra comfort. In the day, set up your L-shaped sofa how you’d like. Tuck back the bed if you need extra living space or if you have guests coming over. The highlight of this piece is the accessible storage space underneath the mattress! 10.

The Functional ottoman and storage idea. We’re big fans of furniture that address functionality and storage in one complete package! That’s why we love the Umbra Woodrow Storage Stool/Ottoman. The piece is modern and sophisticated without compromising functionality. We love that the stool is made from beautiful natural wood that adds warmth to any room. The design is contemporary, refreshing, and looks stunning as either a side table or additional seating.

Get this beautiful and durable storage and ottoman in one package on Amazon: 9. The DIY Hidden chair console Idea. We love a good DIY project that eliminates clutter while increasing productivity! This functional console is actually a desk with hidden stools. We love the rustic edge that this wood apothecary cabinet has to offer. In detail, The desk spans 72-inches and is about 19-inches wide, but you can adjust these dimensions according to your living space and needs.

Approach your local home depot to help you cut the boards into the desired size. For the project, you’ll also need screws, finish nails, and pocket hole screws. The drawers provide at least 20-inches of drawer space each. That’s a generous amount for an at-home study table or office! Finish off the piece with your stain of choice, but we personally love the rustic vibe given by this oak stain wood! 8. The Sofa with storage and countertops.

This sofa and table all in one boasts beautiful craftsmanship along with its unique design. The CARAMELLA Counter Sofa from Hirashima comes in two earthy finishes – light, MUJI-style oak versus dark, sophisticated walnut. If you’re looking for extra space for a home office, the countertops on this multifunctional piece provide ample workspace for your computer and documents. You’ll also love the additional storage space ergonomically placed beneath the countertops. The CARAMELLA counter sofa comes in four variations that can accommodate between two to four people.

Each piece was designed to revolutionize how homeowners spend time in their living space. The CARAMELLA counter sofas are founded on minimalism and the use of natural elements to elevate the space. Each piece was carefully crafted with close attention to detail and traditional construction methods. 7. A DIY Closet Home Office Idea.

2021 has put professionals in a frenzy as a huge chunk of the workforce is introduced to the new work-from-home scheme. If you’re feeling anxious about finding that necessary divide between your home and work life, this closet turned home office is the perfect solution for you. You don’t need to overhaul your personal life just to adopt the work-from-home scheme! Find underutilized closet space and transform it into an organized, accessible, and clutter-free office! Just like in the article. We’re inspired by this tidy and organized DIY closet home office. Start by installing wood planks for the desk and shelving.

Keep your work supplies and stationery organized with clear baskets on your open shelving for easy access. Your closet doors are also a great way to maximize wall space! Use it to hang up additional storage containers, calendars, reminders, and notes. An oversized under-the-table basket is great for storing large documents and packing material. 6. Host your family dinners with this extendable dining table.

Are your family dinners held on sofas and countertops? Don’t settle for uncomfortable social gatherings with this space-saving dining table idea! This classy side table can easily be extended into an even bigger dining table that will work great when you need to host parties and accommodate a large number of guests. This extendable table can be pulled out to seat as many as eight to ten people! When the party is over, easily tuck away the sleek and modern table that will surely look beautiful in any home. 5. Get a tiny home for your feline friend. Living in a small space doesn’t mean you have to let go of your furbabies! This multifunctional and modular cat tree is the perfect solution for your feline friend.

The Catrub is designed with anti-bacterial material that is sure to keep your cat clean and healthy. We love that all the elements are durable and easy to remove for effortless cleaning solutions. The modern modular design is truly unique, making it possible to build and expand the piece to match your pet’s specific needs and your living space! Most of all, we love how the Catrub was engineered to include all important functions in one package – it’s a place for grooming, sleeping, and playing! 4. The Hidden Built-in desk idea. We have another solution for the WFH dilemma.

This built-in desk was installed in a small and modern apartment. This drawer conveniently provides much-needed storage space in a tiny apartment. The clean lines and modern design don’t clutter up the room. The multifunctional piece has a hinged top that serves as an efficient workspace. Outlets are also conveniently placed on the desk for additional charging stations and a reading lamp.

An extended desk portion sits right below the hinged top for additional working space. The extended desk also works well even when the hinged lid is closed. We love how this workplace sits artfully beside the window for natural light. 3. Design A new modular office, If possible.

This modular multifunctional at-home office is one of our favorites on the list! We love the smart and sleek design of sliding out the bend and the desk. If you have guests over, simply tuck away these fixtures so you can put up a dance floor! No space is wasted with the additional storage boxes that are ergonomically placed right beside the workspace. We love that the desk, counters, and bench are made from wood. These wooden elements are the secret to creating such a warm and inviting space! The paneled glass dividers are a great way to somehow draw that fine line between your personal space and work life with the WFH set-up. The clear glass panels produce an open and modern feel to the room, which is an excellent idea for small spaces.

2. Install eye-catching storage solutions. Your storage doesn’t have to consist of bulky storage boxes and bins. Why not turn your dirty little secret into your centerpiece? We love how this homeowner turned her need for additional storage space into a beautifully designed masterpiece! The combination of open shelving and closed drawers are great for hiding a cluttered mess. The wood shelving against the neutral white backdrop perfectly balances the contemporary look with a touch of warmth! Artfully display your most beloved trinkets to instantly add some personality to your space.

Lastly, Number 1, The Quirky multifunctional sofa. This piece gives new meaning to the often heard phrase of “honey, I can’t find the remote!” Architect Daisuke Motogi from Japan ingeniously designed the Lost in Sofa chair. Don’t have enough space for a side table or a drawer? This quirky chair works perfectly as a storage unit! From books and magazines to remote control, or even a coffee cup, this ergonomically designed chair will work perfectly in a small space. The Lost in Sofa chair meets functionality and fashion. Conclusion: As we power through 2021, 2022, and beyond, we find new ways to reinvent our old way of life to accommodate our newfound needs – such as bringing versatility to our living spaces with multifunctional furniture! Maximize your small living space with these 12 multifunctional pieces of furniture for small space ideas.

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