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Office Interior Design Ideas

Raihan Mejia / decor / 07 April 2022, 06:47:09
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If you have a business and you're bringing in clients and customers, what does your office or what does your reception area say about you? This is your business. This is your brand. I don't know how many times I've gone into different businesses and it's either very cluttered or there's old decor everywhere, there's dust, there's dying plants, or there's a fake plant with an inch of dust on it.

This time, more than ever, hopefully things get back to normal really quickly, but this time is gonna be more important than any other time for your business to be the cream that rises to the top and if you're a business owner and you have several employees that work under you, having an organized and inviting space for your employees, I promise you is going to make your productivity soar. Now I realize, you may have a business right now, you don't have any money to put into updating or giving a makeover like we did in the reception area and the office area. However, what I think you can do, is walk out, step out, and walk back into your area with new eyes. What do you see? Don't be who you are.

Be that client, be that customer, how do things look? Do you need to start cleaning things up? Do you need to kind of reorganize things? You don't have to have expensive wall decor or pictures. You can go somewhere or a discount store, T.J.Maxx, Home Goods but look at that space with a different eye and refresh it because this is your brand and this is what people and clients are gonna see when they first walk in and they really need a good impression. So, Kayla and I had to have run back to the store because we needed to do round two for a few more accessories and we had to make a stop at Sonic. I don't know if you guys have had their pretzels but they're to die for. So in the space before, this leather loveseat was just not utilizing the space.

The table was a little bit too large. We didn't have any extra lighting going on. The floral was a little oversized and the picture was not quite right for the space and we decided let's update the red rug. By bringing in a slimmer line sofa, we were able to utilize that space so much better. Also, have an extra seat.

We brought in a blue rug, a small table next to the sofa completely changed the way this area looked and felt. These are some of my favorite maps, hung them staggered. Then, we added some pillows, a little bit of accessories, love the new space. This is one of our new lamps we have online. I am super crazy about it because it updates a look without boxing you into a specific style.

This is what you see when you first enter the reception area. Their logo on the wall, completely spot-on. The other pieces, while individually beautiful on their own, collectively together it's a little visually cluttered and there's a lot of brown going on. So what we did is, we brought this beautiful buffet piece in. It's a gray wash, the rounded edges are stunning.

Then, the two buffet lamps, mercury glass, plays off of their logo sign beautifully. This has given this entire area a very sophisticated look. This black piece was actually very nice in the space. One of the partners was confiscating it and taking it home, so we placed another small table there, a little bit shorter with a basket on top because they needed a space to collect their mail and then above it we hung a beautiful clock. In the corner we removed that big sign.

We found a perfect chair to fit in the corner with a floor lamp and then on the wall we hung a picture of the Murfreesboro County Courthouse. This floor lamp works perfect in this space because it's not too big, the look of the glass and the silver just update it without it looking too modern. This next client has actually become a really good friend of ours. I tease him a lot because I tell him I do not know why he hires me because he has the design eye. Here has found a picture he's quite excited about and he took it back and hung it in his conference room.

We also like him a whole lot because he brings us food. This was just a collect all room but he needed a new office for a new hire. It was completely done over from top to bottom, from new lighting to the beautiful color on the wall. That is called Peppercorn by Sherwin Williams. Only one wall was accented with this color.

We brought in all new furniture, new lighting, new drapes, everything in this room from top to bottom but everything had to be pretty slim lined and small to accommodate this room. In the corner behind the desk, I placed a really large jar with some greenery to add softness. That greenery looks great up against that paint color. The mirror, reflects light from the window making the room look large and if you've ever been to Tennessee, you know exactly why I chose this artwork.

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