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How To Measure Room

Helena Mohamed / / 24 January 2022, 09:40:53
How To Measure Room Measuring Layout Diy Img Vi

Today I'm going to share how to do the 2D  layout planning of a room - and this is gonna   be a rough sketch. So all you really need is a  blank piece of paper or something or write on,   something to write with and a measuring tape. Now  before I even start measuring I look at the room   around me and I draw kind of the basic shape. So  I'm gonna do that. And once we have that drawn,   I also draw some obstacles, like I know  that this is where I'm standing right now,   there's the door behind me and then I'm staring  out a window, and there's a closet.

And again,   this is all before I even measure anything. So I  have the basic shape, any kind of my obstacles,   or whatever else is in the room that I  need to include on my plan. Now from there,   I'm gonna grab my measuring tape and I'm going  to do the measurements around the room and   then I'm going to input them wherever I have  my walls. So let me show you how that looks! Today I'm only concerned with the actual 2D floor  plan of the room, so the length and width. If   you do have to measure heights for things,  for example, if you're planning furniture,   if you wanted to know where your light  switches are, if you're doing any sort of   wall treatments - then it is important to have  the height.

Especially height under windows,   whatever it is. But for now, I'm just doing  a simple floor plan. So what I'm going to do,   is I'm going to take my measuring tape and  keep it on the ground. And go from one wall   to another. Now obviously, the baseboards  could affect your measurements - but I find   it a lot easier just to have my measuring tape  on the floor.

And that way I don't have to hold   it up in the air. And right now, with this first  wall, we're at exactly 7 feet - so I'm just gonna   write that down on my piece of paper. And then  staying along on this first wall. I'm going to   also measure the part to the door. So that's 4  inches, and then the door itself is 30 inches.   So I'm gonna write those two measurements down  on my piece of paper as well.

So now I'm gonna   go around the rest of the room - and measure  all the other walls and input them on my paper. Once I have all the rough outlines and all the  measurements drawn up, I can then transfer this   to graph paper or maybe even a computer program  to make a better graphic representation. As you   can see, you know I drew my window here  and I wrote this as 11 inches and that's   52 inches - but it's not really to scale. So  this is perfect for getting a rough idea of   what your room looks like and then we're going  to transfer it over to make a better version. Another thing you might wanna measure out is  the furniture in the room.

Especially if you   know that there's furniture that's going to  be staying, or possibly that you're moving   it to a different location, or a different  room. You still might need the dimension.   So it's similar to measuring a room, only you'll  be measuring the furniture, making sure to get   the widest part. So this is about 16 inches by  36 inches. And I'm just gonna write down over   here. Make a little square 16x36 dresser.  And if we were concerned about the height,   we could also measure the height.

And we're  about 37 and a half - and I just write that   down height thirty-seven and a half. So  again, it's just going on a little square   that's outside of my room - and it's not to  scale, but we'll be covering that next week!.

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