Today, we’re here at Sankyo Driving School, Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture. Look, here are the cars. It’s a special car customized for driving school. The passenger side has the brake pedal for the instructors. Here, we have a stoplight, a railway, practice areas for motorcycles, it’s all there. Even the areas where you practice parking, it’s there.

For the driving school, 8,000 square meters is the equirement. I have a feeling this is 15,000 square meters or even larger. So, they have 50+ units, 20+ instructors, then almost 2,000 students every year. This is where they study how to drive and get their license. We are here in Fuji Driver School. Let’s see what their program is on how to get a. driving license in Japan. Let’s go!.

So if you want to enroll in the driving school. this is the first step, have your eyes checked. They have an indicator and if you fail, you can’t enroll. So now, Elaine’s checking if she can enroll. This is an aptitude test. So on the day of enrollment, you take this aptitude test. It contains things like these. This is the feedback sheet. This is where you can see your weaknesses, for example, you’re weak on focus or on. decision making.