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New Yorker Murphy Hidden Desk

Greg Villanueva / / 23 January 2022, 11:03:14
New Yorker Murphy Desk Wallbed Create Hidden Wall Piston Static Wixstatic Media Fill Al

I call this one the New Yorker and the New Yorker is characterized by the picture frame molding on the door face here. It's also part of our inset desk series. Now what's great about our inset desk series is the desk is able to fold up inside the cavity here and become part of the bank of doors here. Let me show you how that works.

First, you do have to clear off the desk. Fold it into place and then latch it here in the middle. If you notice it becomes part of the face of the doors so it kinda blends in there. We built this one a little bit different. We went ahead and went all the way up to 93 inches on this one.

The customer had a 94-inch ceiling. So we left a 1-inch gap there for the customer and they'll put crown molding to make it look more of a built-in look to it. The same thing on the side, we went within an inch of the wall here and we'll add some molding on this scribe molding and finish closing it out so it looks more like a built-in piece and able to do it without having carpenter spending days on end at the location building it in. But to open it up, normally you would pull on the handles. This customer hasn't supplied us with any handles yet.

They will put them on after it arrives there. So I'll have to pull on this molding here to open but normally it's a little easier to open up. Notice the lights come on automatically. Rotate the leg and take it to the ground. I did put a three-stage touch dimmer in the middle of the headboard there to control the lights.

Like I said it will shut off automatically when it's closed. We put a pull-out drink tray so you can use it as a nightstand in the bed position or with the desk position. It could be an extension of your work surface. On the lower section there, I put adjustable shelves. But to close it up you do the same thing but in reverse.

New Yorker Murphy Desk Wallbed Create Hidden Wall Piston Static Wixstatic Media Fill Al