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Home Office Room Tour Desk Decor

30 April 2022

If you're looking for some home decor inspiration for the spring time or fo...

Office Bedroom Combo Ideas

30 March 2022

It also separates the zone. Install appropriate furniture, floating shelves...

Sit On The Floor Improve Your Health Chair Desk Setup Guide

27 March 2022

Both share the goal to keep  our bodies in natural, comfortable positions....


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Unique Office Supplies For Productive Work Space Need It

26 March 2022

It makes sense. This hammock hangs with metal plates you can slide on the edge of any corner of your desk. This makes it easy to reposition and rehang whenever you want. Even my panda likes it. At work it's important to celebrate the l...


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Nature Inspired Cubicle Makeover

06 April 2022

So I have a big DIY surprise coming at ya. But first, let's demo this place so we can then give it the makeover it needs. These lamps look like cylons. "Battlestar Galactica." It's like a really fun soap opera. It just takes place in space.