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Empty Office Studio

Clyde Colley / office / 15 March 2022, 09:04:30
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Tthe plan for this area currently, the only piece of furniture I have is this, Ikea chair that I found on Facebook marketplace because they're in high demand. Like Ikea don't have any of these at the moment. laughs) Originally, my plan was to have like a double desk situation of like one here and one here. So one is my desk and then one is like, a floating hot desk that either my assistant can use or a friend who's passing by or needs to get out of a house and have a different environment to work from, COVID safe, COVID safe.

But the two desks that I've ordered turns out, side by side like that don't actually fit here 'cause I measured it the other day and that's fine. We will work it out. So yeah, that's the office section. This brick wall and this brick wall is ideally where I want to put up lots of the stuff that I got in the sex, positive businesses whole. So like my sex calendar, I don't actually know how it works in terms of like putting stuff up on a brick wall, we'll find out.

So before we move on to the exciting areas that are gonna become like my filming corner and my podcast studio, I wanna tell you a bit about this article sponsor, Rinkl. So Rinkl are actually founded by a friend of mine and old school, website friend of mine. And over the last few years of him developing this platform I've been involved in like helping with feedback because at the platform that he has like for creators and that audience and their community. And is finally here, I can finally tell you about it. And I'm very excited 'cause I genuinely think that it is a really cool tool for creators.

So what is it? What is it? It's basically a platform where creators can share that knowledge and give advice and answer in-depth questions from their audience in one-to-one articles. As an online creator and someone with an audience, I do get asked a lot of questions about how to do it. I mean, I'm still figuring out if I'm honest but I do have 10 years of experience behind this. I know some things I swear. Yeah, I do get asked a lot of questions about this industry, about this work, and I can't respond to them.

It's gotten to the point where, honestly looking at my DMs is very overwhelming and I would just feel guilty for not responding. And also I just wouldn't have enough time or capacity to like really give like a meaningful response to people. And also I love to set healthy online boundaries. And so diving into my Dms is just something that I don't do anymore. So using Rinkl is actually a way that I can still offer my experience and my expertise to people who want to pick my brain or ask me questions about these things or want to get advice from me, or just like how I do things.

Because as you may know, as well as nerding out about sex, I absolutely love nerding out about this weird industry that I'm in and organisation and work stuff. And also, I just really care about helping other creators and sharing what I know with them. So if you've ever wanted to pick my brain giggling) as they say about something, then this is basically your chance to do it with healthy boundaries, for everyone. You can send me your questions for a small fee and I'll reply with a personalised article, answering your questions and giving you as much of my knowledge and information as possible. I'm calling this kind of thing, micro consultancy.

And hopefully it means that I can give your questions the time that they deserve. Right now, you can click the link in the description and check out my profile on Rinkl. I currently have two tares. One is for online creators who want advice about all of that kind of stuff. And then there's a second one, which is cheaper, which is for people who are making sex and relationships online content, because you know, it's hard out here.

And the money from that tear will also go towards the Albert Kennedy trust who are an LGBTQ plus youth homeless charity. So check it out, I really hope that I hear from you. And if you are a creator and you want to use Rinkl, you can use my referral code, which is here and for full transparency, I get a little financial kickback from any of your Rinkls and it doesn't cost you anything. Thank you so much Rinkl for sponsoring this article. I'm really excited to do some micro-consulting.

Okay, on with the empty studio talks. So, if we come this way, this little nook is, hopefully, gonna become my podcast studio. As you might be able to hear from the current audio we're in a very echoey room. And so gonna have to do a lot of soundproofing which is not something that I've ever really done before but basically what it means is rugs everywhere, lots of rugs. And then also I need to find some like sound panels and we're actually currently working on like, a refresh of the doing get podcasts, like brand colours.

And I wanna be able to find like, acoustic sound panels that match those colours. And then also my dream, my dream have like a doing it neon sign on the back wall hit. How cool would that be? How cool would that be? And it would just be like in the background of the podcast 'cause also I want to start like filming little clips of the podcast as well. That was a whole other thing. Lots of plants, lots of plans.

Remember that table that I told you about before that's gonna become like the floating table. So potentially, pop it in here, like this, this way around, then maybe I'm just sat here, doing good remote podcast recording. Or, if eventually I can record in person with people again it might go like this way and we'll be like, sat opposite each other and like filming it that way. Lots of things to figure out. Also obviously there's like this window here, which I don't have access to this like balcony area, but the pigeons do.

So I don't think I wanna keep that open too much because pigeons. Okay, we're gonna move on to be opposite wall now for my plans, for that bit. So, this side, my plan, what I wanted to do with this, but I still want to do with it, is have a like photography paper background that I can use for photos and like product shots and things. And if this thing could just be really useful to have and obviously I'd get a yellow paper and other colour papers TBC, we'll see. I think it could work.

I think it could be good and useful. But now the main event actually where I'm gonna film bloody articles. The filming corner. Yes, I love a good film in corner. And basically like when I saw this space and I saw that it had this corner and then the little nook, for the podcasting, I was like, well, this is it, right? This is it.

So yeah, this is gonna be my new filming corner. Again, rug soundproof, the sheet out of it. And the plan is to have a big bookshelf here, big bookshelf and basically all of my like nonfiction books about sex. Like all of the books that I kind of categorise as workbooks are all gonna come out with a flat and into here, which I'm so excitable 'cause then that means I'm gonna have more room for picture books on my shelf at home. And then another thing that I really want to get, is like a standing clothes rail, which will go like on this side because I do some fraction articles sometimes.

And I like the idea of, like having clothes hanging up in the background in that aesthetic. And I'm definitely not stealing that from my friend Sierra and the background of her articles. No, no, no, no, no. laughing) It just looks cool. And it will be useful as well because I'll often have to like bring the clothes here for shoots and then I can like, hang them up all nice.

Another thing that I've already ordered along with like the two desks is this really storage unit. And so the plan for that is to also go here because it like looks really pretty and has like a shelf and as well but then also it will be like storage for so many things. Like I've got like boxes of envelopes which I don't need right now, but are useful. You know, the grey chair that I sit in, in all of my articles? Behind that great chair, what you can't see, is what I call my post office. It's got envelopes, it's got stumps it's got customs form roles.

They've got like the whole shebang. And it's just all sitting there behind that chair my little post office. And I'll actually have some storage to put my post office in. And also I think I want to fill the office of fake plants, not real plants because you know that plant in my home office that you always see that I basically got to cover up walls, suck it. So that I thought were not very aesthetically pleasing.

She's dying, 'cause I'm a terrible plant mom. So fake plants for this place only. So this is my very accurate floor plan plan. 'Cause I love a good floor plan if you didn't know. So this is our back wall.

It kind of goes in a bit, right that window and then out and then down here, and then this is the podcast debit. And then this is the filming corner bit, and perfect. This is the door. laughing) This is a window. This is a window.

Right? So this is potentially where my desk will go. My beautiful new standing desk. This is potentially where that cooler rama, like photography backdrop will go. Over here, we have the podcast studio when me and maybe another guest we'll record podcasts. Those are supposed to microphones.

They kind of look like backwards music notes though. That's fine. And then here in the filming corner, we have the bookshelf. We have the clothes rail. Ooh, look at that.

The clothes hangers, the storage unit. We might actually need more storage in here, we'll see. This is a fake plump. And then this is where I'll be filming. This is my camera.

Let me film that way. That's my full full plan. laughing) So that is it. This is my empty office/studio and all of my plans for it. I'm very excited.

I'm very nervous. I honestly have no idea what I'm doing, gonna need lots of help. laughing) But it's gonna be really cool to see how this place transforms and I don't know, giving myself like a month to have it functional. Yeah, thank you so much for reading. Thank you honestly so much to all the viewers and everything because like, holy sheet, we've upgraded.

laughs) Like, and I wouldn't be able to do this if it wasn't for you and all the people who read my articles and engage with my content and I am so, so excited for just like this next stage of the journey and seeing what cool sheet we make out of this studio because I was feeling a bit creatively stumped at home, being there for a long time. So yeah, I'm ready. And thank you so much to Rinkl for sponsoring this article. Don't forget to check them out. If you have any questions for me that you wanna ask then that is the best way to do it.

To get like some real in-depth advice from me. Hope you're doing well and I'll see you in the next article. Bye.

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