In the first half of the 19th century four million blacks worked as slaves imprisoned on plantations in the american south they were prevented from learning how to read their families were forcibly broken up and if they tried to escape they were severely and brutally punished the owners of these plantations were almost without exception democrats before the civil war slave-owning democrats.

Used black bodies to massively increase the number of votes they got in congress and the electoral college because of the three-fifths compromise a single democrat in georgia who owned five slaves got four times the representation as a single white abolitionist in pennsylvania who didn't own any so for democrats it has always been about using black bodies for political power.

How they are used may vary but the plantation model remains a constant even today despite the fact that blacks are no longer enslaved many black children barely learn to read in poorly performing schools our families are often shattered by misguided welfare policies and if we try to escape we still face punishment of course the plantations of the 21st century are not physical they are virtual the owners of these plantations are once again almost without exception democrats.