We are striving to create personalized mastery based learning that transforms student's mindsets. And within that I think there's a three things. that make our value proposition unique. The first is that our content is provided free of charge. for teachers and students.

The second is that we have custom content. that's aligned to standards in different countries. So in Brazil, to the BNCC. Or in the US, to the common core. And the third is that, we are a technology that's not just a substitute for paper and pencil, and not such a dramatic change that it'd be overwhelming and you'd have to rethink everything in your classroom, but right in the middle to offer an innovative change that is not too overwhelming for teachers. For us at Khan Academy,. mastery learning is fairly simple. It's that the incentives, the decisions in class. should be made based on what students are proving they understand consistently. And in many cases that happens in tests,. maybe not 'til the end of year tests, but we think it should be a full year process building up to that point. Really it's not like a yes or no, are you fully mastery based or are you not at all mastery based, there's a spectrum of ways you can change over your classroom to be more mastery based. When it comes to personalization though, there's a few things that are really important. The first is that there's the right content for students. And that might not be the same. for all students in the class. And we can help personalize that content, but at the end of the day it is the teacher that's going to be most effective at personalizing the content using Khan Academy. And second, it's self-paced.

So that if I need more practice on a given topic,. I can have it. I can have what we sometimes call.