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Unique Office Supplies For Productive Work Space Need It

Keegan Hassan / decor / 26 March 2022, 11:56:32
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We all know the office can be a stressful, chaotic place. So here are the items I need to stay organized and de-stress. upbeat music) First things first is overall health. Keep a mini humidifier on your desk if you're feeling a cold coming on. Mini humidifiers add moisture back into the air, keeping irritation down and morale up.

This one is from Urban Outfitters, and is not only practical but super cute. It plugs in with USB so you can take it anywhere with little hassle. And come on, this little guy will keep you smiling throughout the day. Worry less, smile more. The mini humidifier I got for $20.

Keeping a calendar or planner is essential so you know right away where you have to be and what you have to do. This calendar is great because it doesn't take up too much space on your desk and is easy to hang from literally anywhere, aka my lamp. And I'm love with this planner. I do have a plan. A big tip for planners is keep it minimalist.

Looking at an overcluttered planner is a sure way to create stress. This planner also comes with these cute stickers which will help visually draw your eye to important meetings you absolutely cannot forget about. Honestly, this is just good for your all around sanity so you're not rushing to meet any last minute deadlines you forgot about. Just stay confident. You got this under control.

I got both the calendar and planner from One Mustache. I'm constantly having to jot down random memos throughout the day as they come up. So a notepad and stamp is essential. Mix it up with these fruit notepads. They come off in little slices.

And no matter how many notes I have piled up at the end of the day, my desk still looks chic. And this stamp with important phrases like I need coffee, I'm always right, and what is it this time, at the ready. Sometimes it's good not to take the office too seriously. The fruit notepad was from Spoon Tamago for $25. The message stamp was on Amazon for $15.

Okay, and there's only so much room on my desk for everything. You can maximize space with a keyboard rack which slides right above your keyboard. I went for a simple wood rack, which is easy to match with any desk decor. It has a variety of compartments for my pens and pencils, notepads, knickknacks, et cetera. I seriously can't get enough of it.

Not only is my life organized, but my desk is as well. And it's pretty. The keyboard rack I got on Etsy for $35. And now time to really get comfortable with this amazing foot rack I ordered on Amazon for $30. If you're comfortable you're more productive.

It makes sense. This hammock hangs with metal plates you can slide on the edge of any corner of your desk. This makes it easy to reposition and rehang whenever you want. Even my panda likes it. At work it's important to celebrate the little victories.

Okay, maybe this is too relaxing. All right, back to work..

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