Most children know how to make their own play and find fun. Human begins learning through playing. How about giving it a simple rule or tip?. As a way to help children motor development. The sisters are competing with a simple game.

The younger sister is losing rock-paper-scissors unilaterally. How about this?. Let's react quickly when the spinning water bottle stops. Children always like to play run and tag. "Catch her!" These games develop your brain, improve your concentration and reaction time.

It's a simple game to catch a slipping beanbag. You have to get the timing right and catch it quickly. It's not easier than you think, but it's fun so you keep challenging. Grab the bean bag that suddenly falls on the floor first. "It's too far for me!!" "Too close to my younger sister." "Too close to my younger sister!" "No, too close to my sister!!" "Not at all!" They pay a lot of attention to win each other.

Eventually it became a tie. It is a game to quickly take one of several colors. One by one was successful. We can feel these kids focused. The kids are competing fiercely.