And let me begin by saying. I'd like to provide a framework for the webinar today, Cognitive Development and Learning in Young Children. So, whether you are a teacher, maybe an administrator, maybe you work at a university, psychologist, maybe a school psychologist or other psychology professionals, diagnosticians and therapists, curriculum specialists, home visitors, parents.

Whether you've joined this from near. or distant shores, we'd like to welcome you to this webinar. And I believe we've come together today. because of a common goal. So, I'd like to start this off by thinking about that common goal. And just to tell you a little story about my own experience, now 20 years ago, sometimes I can't believe it is that long. About 20 years ago, one of my graduate students. gave me a framed picture, and the picture was and is lovely, and I still have it, and I look at it all the time.

But what really struck me and what continues to guide. my work to this day really is the caption under the picture, and this is it, "Children are always the only future "the human race has; teach them well." So, with that in mind, it is my hope. that you will take away from this webinar a few ideas for your work with the next generation of leaders. So, here's what I've planned for today. and I hope that most of

you have received a handout which we send out with a reminder email.