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Partition Storage Room Dividers

Greg Gilliam / office / 05 March 2022, 01:03:59
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When it comes to a small house, you may need to consider forgoing some walls to open up the space. Unfortunately, you will have to sacrifice your privacy if you do this. Furthermore, there will not be clear boundaries between the rooms. Well, ripping some walls off may be a good idea. The terrific news is you can still maintain your privacy while keeping the clutter at bay because these 10 partition storage room dividers will get your back.

As always, Simphome present you with the list 10. Divide the Room with Shelves Shelves are a must-have item when it comes to furnishing a living room. They are versatile pieces that you can use to store your books and display your family treasures. More importantly, they usually have ideal heights that can make a perfect room divider. These custom shelves, for example, make a great partition that separates the bedroom from the other rooms.

They expand from the floor up to the ceiling and from one wall to the opposite, creating a clear boundary. The shelves even have door-like access that allows you to travel to another room. To add more privacy, you can try hanging a curtain. Hang curtains on both sides of the shelves to hide them when they are not in use. Additionally, Measure and cut down boards for equal vertical height if your bookshelf is tall if necessary.

9. Repurpose Wooden Crates Making a room divider from scratch might seem to be a good idea. However, it may require intermediate to advanced carpentry skills, which is – unfortunately – you do not have. Therefore, you can re-purpose what you already have, like wooden crates. To make a room divider out of wooden crates, you just need to stack them up according to the design you desire.

You may also need to glue and screw them together to make your DIY shelves sturdier. If you plan to paint the crates, make sure you sand the sides and edges thoroughly. This way, the finish that you are going to apply will work like a charm. 8. A Built-in Fireplace Idea with Storage A fireplace can be more than just something that can keep you warm when the weather is getting cold.

In fact, it can be a valuable additional piece that will enhance the look of your living room. It separates the living room and bedroom nicely. Moreover, it features some built-in shelves that you can use to display your knick-knacks. Step 1: Cut down the wall between the rooms by removing the fireplace and removing or repositioning any electrical outlets, sprinklers, and cabinets. Step 2: Reattach the fireplace to the wall.

It may be a good idea to add 2 to 2 feet of height since you will be placing this again in your room divider. Step 3: Layout your storage units and shelving in this space in a way that allows access to them without opening up doors or drawers. You can always add another entry if there is an opening for one already. 7. The Bi-Fold Pegboards Are you looking for a storage idea that can hold many shelves and hooks? The pegboard might be the best answer.

Pegboards are such a versatile storage solution. You can hang them in your kitchen, garage, bedroom or even turn them into a chic room divider. If you want to make a partition using pegboards, you will need three or four pegboards. After that, assemble the pieces using hinges so that you can fold and unfold them. The next step is the fun part.

You can add as many dowels and shelves as possible to be your additional storage solutions. 6. The Room Divider Idea and Wardrobe Combo A small bedroom does not give you much space to have a comfortably-sized wardrobe. However, it does not mean you can forgo it whatsoever. This wardrobe, for instance, not only keeps your clothes organized but also becomes a stylish headboard.

Step 1: Cut down the wall between the bedrooms using a circular saw. Step 2: Attach the metal brackets to both sides of the wall using your screw guns. Step 3: Attach the left and suitable brackets to each end of your wardrobe with screws and finish it off by painting it in any color you like. Step 4: Add curtains if you need privacy. Step 5: Hang up your wardrobe and place your dressers and cabinets on it like any other furniture.

5. The Honeycomb Room Divider Idea Shelves are not always rectangular or cubical. They can be anything to meet your home style. If you are into modern or contemporary interior design, you should put these shelves on your list. The hexagonal shapes, which look like a honeycomb, will help you cut the clutter and decorate the room immensely.

They may not give you the ultimate privacy, but they can create a clear and chic boundary that distinguishes your dining room from the rest of your rooms. The shelves come in white and gold, which matches the chairs and table legs. This way, the partition will look united with the existing furniture. Follow the link to get complete step-by-step and additional ideas on crafting a new cube room divider and The Doorway Divider with a Hanging Shelf Idea. 4.

The Built-in Shelf Idea Having a private home office is great. However, it can be hard to make this idea tangible if you do not have much space available. Well, do not give up hope. This room divider can be the solution that you have been looking for. Basic Instructions: Step 1: Cut the wood to the desired length and width.

Step 2: Screw the brackets on both sides of your wall. Step 3: Attach the wood shelves to the brackets by screwing them tightly. Step 4: Add curtains if you need more privacy. 3. The Colorful Room Divider The Ikea Expedit is your top-notch choice when it comes to holding the clutter at bay without neglecting the stylish look.

Like many other Ikea products, these shelves can serve you a double duty if you hack them. To make this striking room divider, try putting the Expedit desk and shelves together. This way, you can get a wider partition, perfect to separate the living room and bedroom. After that, install two eyehooks on each cube to hang colorful canvas. Doing this will add some pops of colors to the space and block the view, which is good if you want to get your ultimate privacy.

2. Divide the Room with Kitchen Cabinets People usually mount their kitchen cabinets on the wall. However, this one is a bit different. Have you ever seen floating kitchen cabinets? These cabinets stand on their own in the middle of a room, just like a kitchen island. Not only do they provide ample storage and countertop, but they also make a distinctive partition between the dining room and living room.

Lastly, Number 1. The Natural Room Divider Bringing in the charm of nature has always been a terrific idea since you can add positive vibes to the space. You can make it real by opening up the window, growing a little greenery inside the house, or making these nature-inspired shelves. To make these shelves, you need to thread a treated wood trunk or branch through several boards. Mount the boards on the wall, and you are good to go.

Do not forget to secure the trunk or branch to the ceiling and floor. Once the shelves are ready, you will get a chic room divider and storage space that can impress everyone who sees them. So, although you choose to ditch some walls, it does not mean you have to forgo your privacy. These 10 partition storage room dividers will provide privacy and create clear boundaries between rooms while cutting the clutter..

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