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My Desk Setup Room Makeover

Dahlia Burns / workspace / 04 March 2022, 04:54:57
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In this article, I’ll show you some of the changes I’ve made on my minimalist workspace, and why do voice-over always sound like this for a desk setup article? I don’t know who cares let’s care on Okay first thing first, one thing I can’t stand in this room is the cracked walls. I know I can forcefully say that it’s wabi-sabi. You might not even realize this in my article,l but it can also be very messy in the background. So I have to scrape away chipped off all the loose layers. Even them out and put a layer of putty. Lastly, paint a new coat of paint.

And you guys guess what’s colour of my new room. Who am I kidding it’s obviously white, don’t expect too much from a minimalist. By the way, I’ve changed my table’s position, from facing the window to facing the wall. I always wanted to do that but my previous table was just too long for that and with my current table, it fits nicely into this wall niche. And yes I also just realized there’s a name for this “hole” To be honest, I loved to face the window but I always get distracted by the things outside of the window easily.

So now, I’ll just turn right to have a glance at those trees when I’m having a quick break. I’ll be lying if I say that’s the main reason. Because the ultimate objective is to hide those atrocious power sockets located on the wall. Since I rarely use my TV, I’ve removed it. Then realized that it’s weird to have a random shelf here so I shifted it across on top of my monitor.

My Jean Jullien print has always been on the floor, and now it’s mounted up on the wall which saves a lot of floor space in the room. All those dirty dusty jobs are all done here, let us get into the desk setup. My table is still the same old dining table from IKEA. And for the chair, it’s something new. I think one of the most asked questions from you guys.

“What is this chair.” But before we continue, I quick message from our sponsor for this article. Squarespace. Living in this digital world and especially during times like this, we need a platform where we can display our skills on a website. And Squarespace is perfect for that. They have power blogging tools for you to build your community.

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If that’s something you are looking for, go to squarespace.com/ckspace to get your free trial running and when it’s ready to launch, use the code ckspace to get 10% off your first purchase. Once again huge thanks to Squarespace for keeping the lights on. And let us carry on. When it comes to chairs, I used to sit on an Eames looking plastic chair. It is fine but it’s not the best if you have to sit on it almost 24/7.

And due to the height of the table, I’d been feeling a lot of pain in my shoulder, neck and forearm. I can’t totally blame the chair because it’s also the way I sit that is detrimental to my body. This new chair was a gift from my girlfriend. It’s an ergonomic chair from a local brand, Ergotune. I had been eyeing this chair for a long while.

I’ll say it’s a pretty typical ergonomic chair. A pretty typical ergonomic chair that has. You have all the adjustable functions. Roller wheels, adjustable seat height, depth, armrest height, width and length, angle, backrest height and also it’s reclinable with lumbar support. And of course, a mesh cushion, which’s important for a hot climate like Singapore.

There nothing nasty for me to complain about this chair, any upgrade is a better chair than my previous chair and it was a surprise gift from my girlfriend so what more can I say. Now with this, I can sit at a perfect height for this table without straining my shoulder. However, I need a footrest before my legs turn purple. I’ve tried stacking books but I just think that it makes the room really messy and I’m don’t really like the idea of stepping on books so i got an extremely bulky footrest with adjustable height. By the way, What’s on top of the desk are still the same monitor and my 11 years old speakers.

With the new chair to help with my posture. I’ve discovered another issue because now the monitor is too low for my eyes, and I have to look downwards all the time and my neck hasn’t been in the best shape lately, not to mention I don’t want to cultivate a front tilt neck. That’s why I need to elevate the monitor according to my eye level. and Grovemade was kind enough to send me their Walnut Monitor stand to elevate my monitor to the perfect height. Beautifully made and it’s the little details that make a difference between this with other products.

I love the quality of the material and its craftsmanship. But what I love the most is the space underneath the stand, a place where I can hide my messy hard disks. And now to my peripherals, my keyboard is still the same, from Logitech, still pretty difficult for me to type because of the narrow spacing. But I’m still gonna live with it. My previous mouse was down.

I needed something bigger because my previous mouse was too small for me to hold on to for the whole day. I often found my pinky having weird cramps as if it’s auditioning for the main lead in the movie exorcist. So it took me quite a while to upgrade to this Logitech MX Master 2s. I guess this mouse needs no introduction, an overrated mouse to be honest. I got mine second hand from a friend and it’s a pretty old model so it’s kinda affordable for the number of functions provided.

I have a felt mat which was also gifted by Grovemade. It’s long enough to act as my mouse pad, desk mat and coaster for my morning coffee. It works perfectly fine to protect my table. But, felt might not be the best material for me because I always eat in front of my desk. So it’s difficult to keep it clean all the time.

However, I chose it because it’s extremely useful when it comes to soundproofing when I’m doing voice over. An ikea lamp on the side pointing at the back of the monitor so that it’s not harsh for my vision. and it creates a back lid effect which I love it. I have a few small tricks that can help to keep your desk minimal. For example, I hide my fan controller underneath the table, also to make my daily guitar practise more seamless, I have a guitar pick which is attached beside the table with a magnet.

I stick a 3m velcro my phone cable and it’s attached to my phone stand so it won’t fall off the desk easily. Or sometimes I just let it hook onto the felt mat. To keep the tabletop neat and minimal, you might want to find ways to hide your tools, without losing the ease of accessing them. Let’s move to the shelf on top, it houses my favourite decorations. My self-made ink dye and textured paper.

My favourite Braun clock. And also a box where I keep some cable and hard disk which I rarely touch. If you read my earlier articles, you might know, I used to have some greens here and there to add some life and colour to my table. But I find that a little too messy and counterproductive, so I’ve been shifting them around. Currently, on my desk, I’m left with satin pothos, trailing down from the side.

A lot of people asked how I water this hanging plant. I know it’s troublesome but I have to bring it down whenever it needed water. What’s underneath is my CPU, a subwoofer, with an internet router sitting on top of it. A footrest. And also a dry cabinet for my camera gears.

There wasn’t a specific spot for my headphone previously. It used to be sitting around the room. When I needed it then I’ll plug it in. But recently then I realized I can keep both my speakers and headphone plugged in at the same time. Depending on what I need at the moment, whether it’s my speakers or my headphone, I can control it just by switching on or off my speaker from the side.

And when the headphone is not in use, it’s resting on the hook mounted underneath the table. They say you can tell a lady’s personality just by looking inside her bag. I’ll say you can judge a man’s character just by looking underneath his desk. Obviously, I’m not the best person you can get advice from when it comes to cable management. But I have to say it did improve as compared to my previous effort.

My cable management is supported by cable ties and wire ties. There isn’t much space for me to hide them, so I bundle them up with wire ties and tie them with cable tie onto the legs of my table. So basically I flush them all the way to the side.to create an illusion that it clean below. That sounded really weird. The USB and sd card ports are velcroed on the side of the leg.

I’ll say it’s the perfect spot to hide them and while still having easy access. I also utilize some of these hooks to keep those wires in place. So that’s my mini room make-over and my desk setup. I when it comes to this change, I’ll say it leans more towards being more ergonomics and functionality side of things. How I can be productive and work comfortably at the same time.

I had a great time making this article because it’s always interesting to create a workspace or living space that fit your lifestyle. So I hope you enjoyed it as well That’s all I have for yall and I shall see you guys on the next one.

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