The ice-making machine at a fast food outlet had been leaking for several days and although. the normal practice was to mop up any spillages as soon as they appeared, on the day of the accident, they were short staffed, and no one had stopped to clear it up.

A sixteen-year-old girl, who had just started working at the restaurant,. slipped on the wet patch and instinctively put out her hand to break her fall, but unfortunately, it went into a deep fat fryer and she as very badly burnt. It’s not hard to see how this accident could have been avoided, and in fact, the Environmental Health Officer, who investigated the incident, believed that the accident, and therefore the injury the girl suffered, had been completely avoidable. Everyone is entitled to work in an environment where risks to their health and safety are. properly controlled, and the main responsibility

for this falls to the employers. But you also have a responsibility for your own health and safety and for that of your. colleagues, customers, and anyone who may be affected by what you do, or what you don’t do.

For example, if someone, anyone had cleared up the spillage,. that accident almost certainly wouldn’t have happened. So health and safety is about looking after yourself, and those around you,. and it’s also about how the risk of harm or injury is managed and reduced. We do this with our personal safety.