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Biophilia Expert Explains How To Pick The Right Office Plants WSJ

Honey Daniels / decor / 17 March 2022, 01:15:20
Biophilia Expert Explains How To Pick The Right Office Plants Wsj Zz Plant Footcandles Low Light Greenery Unlimited Best Indoor High Easy Care For Beginners

One of the best ways to measure light is footcandles, and it's one of the easiest to understand. Low-light plants are plants that usually get about 30 footcandles. Medium plants are plants that need about 50 to 100 footcandles. And high-light plants are usually plants that need 150 footcandles and up. - Well, you might need to put some sunscreen on yourself, not on the plants.

Once you've determined how much light you have in your space, you should really start to think about the care needs of the plants you're interested in. You don't wanna choose plants that are gonna need a ton of care if you know you're going to be out of work or taking weekends off. So it's good to focus on plants that have low-maintenance needs. The ZZ in particular is a really great plant because it's so versatile. It can take high-light and low-light, and it really survives in drought conditions.

The sansevieria is also a really great plant for the office space. It can also be in high-light and low-light and it's also one of the best air-purifying plants. So if you're in an open office plan, it might be a great plant to keep on your desk. When you're thinking about where to actually place your plants, be sure you're thinking through how you're going to take care of them. Hanging something over a lot of electronics where you're gonna have to get on a ladder and water probably isn't a good idea.

bell dings) Choosing the right vessel for your plant is equally as important as the plant itself. You can choose a plant that has a drainage hole on the bottom and it usually comes with a saucer to make sure you don't spill water on your desk or you can choose a planter that doesn't have drainage on the bottom, but it's really important if you're choosing a planter that doesn't have drainage, you need to include some kind of drainage material, like aeration stone. One of the best planters you can use for your plant is actually one that's subirrigated. By that, I mean that instead of watering at the top of the planter, you're actually gonna fill the bottom with water and so the plant can drink from the root system down below. The single biggest issue for office plants is how to take care of them longterm.

If you've chosen the right plant for the light conditions that you have, then it's really all about the watering. What you wanna avoid is what we call blind watering. That's when you look at a plant and you say, "Hmm, it kinda looks thirsty," and you just water it. That's not really the way to water. You need to use more of your senses to figure it out.

You really need to get comfortable touching your soil. It's also how you're gonna get some of the best benefits of biophilia. You really need to engage with your plants and their environment. the stress reduction effect to kick in? - As soon as you start appreciating your plants.