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High Ceiling Apartment Makeover Ideas

Ferne Holland / small / 23 September 2021, 01:39:05
High Ceiling Apartment Makeover Ideas Simphome Contemporary Living Room Focal Point Decor Chandelier Img Originals

A high ceiling can be fantastic extra as it can make a space larger and airier. However, some ceilings can be too way high in some homes and apartments, which makes them look awkward. Whether you are just feeling bored with your high-ceiling apartment-style or want to upgrade one of the elements, consider these ten best high ceiling apartment makeover ideas to help you get inspired. So don't waste your time. Have a look at my next proposal and find the best ides for your specific inspirations.

Following the last article published on the same website, this list is also brought to you by Simphome.com. 10. Consider Exposed Beams An exposed beam is one of the best ideas to alleviate the impact of a high ceiling. It works well and even better for a problem of an unappealing room by adding the beams reducing the overall scale of the room. True to its trend, a high ceiling often becomes a part of a contemporary home with a sleek design.

To round out it, you can add some decorative beams to get it finished and transform the space into the coziest and the coolest one, This wooden beam can also add a rustic look to your apartment ceiling, depending on the materials you use. Weathered-finish logs will bring in rustic flair to your home immensely. 9. Bring Your Drapery up to the Ceiling This offer might be difficult to follow since the drapery must be hung at the ceiling height. But if you manage to do that, you will make a significant impact on the entire room, which makes this idea worth the effort.

You definetly need lots of fabric to complete this challenge. However, you are going to have a dramatic effect as well as a fantastic look over your room once you won it. The best thing you can do later is to apply the solid color. 8. Build a Mezzanine Floor Have you ever heard anything about a mezzanine floor? A mezzanine floor is defined as a partial floor located between the ground and the first floor of a building.

Do not mistake this name for the first or even the second floor that you usually find in a building as they are not the same. The mezzanine is a different level of the floor. In most home designs, mezzanine floors are used as a den, home office, a studio, a spare room, a platform bed, and any other room that you may think it could be. When we look at the picture, this flooring type can be a very functional part of an apartment. Indeed, a personal library can even be built here to max the full potential of the space.

A set of seating along with the table would be the next logical step to complete the learning experience that the new room has to offer. 7. Hang Chandeliers To make the room look more exotic, adding such a lighting fixture is very much a recommendation. Choose a crucial spot where you can hang it. Think about how the lighting would be not only functional but also decorative to the room.

Make sure it could connect the upper as well as the lower portions of the space. Though you can hang it everywhere else, depending on your space layout, the lighting fixture is typically suspended in the center of the room or over the coffee table. For a great option, a large crystal chandelier will look so elegant to stay in your spaces. Since the chandelier is hanging on the ceiling, keep in mind that you choose the one which is not too heavy despite the big size. 6.

Install a Feature Wall It is always possible to craft a feature wall. It helps you unite the two parts of the room. Furthermore, it is relatively cheap to make it right. All you need to prepare is only a can of paint. If you have a fireplace in your home already, you can extend it upwards with more tiles, bricks, or stones depending on your taste.

You can even hang a wallpaper to do this trick instantly. Just be sure you hire an expert because working out any project on the ceiling will never be an easy job. It is quite dangerous and needs ample attention. In short, bringing a feature wall is always possible to makeover your high ceiling apartment. Not only the beautiful architecture you will have for your space but also the eye-catching decoration to attract anyone's attention.

5. Make Your Ceiling Become the Focal Point Now, if you want to transform your ceiling into a focal point, then you can make it tangible. Add the designs to your existing color palette and theme of the space. Achieve a unique cozy atmosphere by cutting down a visual scale of the room like you did with the wooden beams. This idea also gives the room a geometric pattern that you can use to establish the spaces in an open area.

You can accentuate the pattern that you have carved out in the ceiling by installing cove lighting. 4. Incorporating Artwork is a Must When it comes to working on a high ceiling, paintings are the artwork you can add to achieve the nobility as well as elegance. Take and arrange graphic art that fits with your personal choice and continue with the next step. Locate the artwork at the eye level to prevent them from ruining your architectural impression about the tall walls.

If not, you can enjoy the high effect of the space through the artwork. The point is to maximize every space on the high parts of the wall with artwork along with the other decorative items. The real goal is to craft a gallery-style wall that fulfills the full height of the hall. Now, no matter how large or small the space you have on your ceiling, you can make it highly decorative and functional. 3.

Be Creative with Shelving Have you ever thought that the high ceiling in your apartment can be a blessing in disguise? It offers you a lot of storage space that can hold the clutter at bay. To maximize the storage space available, try turning your wall into functional storage to store books, novels, or other favorite things. Ceiling shelves are not only useful but also practical and decorative. In most types, bookcases are more common to work out on the high ceiling spaces. Consider some floating shelves which are more stylish.

Though you may need a tall ladder to reach, you will find it worthy investment later. 2. Add Trims onto the Ceiling Don't let the space on your high ceiling empty and bare without the touch of any artistic value. To make it looks interesting, you can apply the idea of adding trim to the ceiling along with the lightings you install on each trim. Not only brighter, but you will also convert your ceiling more stylish.

Don't forget to coordinate the color of the ceilings with the entire wall paint. Lastly, Number 1. From the Wall to the Ceiling Add depth to your apartment by extending the feature wall up to the ceiling and the other wall across it. By doing this, you will be dividing the space into an asymmetrical look while adding some style. Done, So, those are ten high ceiling apartment makeover ideas that are worth the try.

Don't see your tall apartment as a significant obstacle in carving out some style and have a good time with your new makeover plan..

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