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Home Office Makeover Condo Dining Room To Minimal

Jai Enriquez / color / 07 March 2022, 06:04:03
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Look! You're on Make My Space Work. You're famous! Hey guys, I'm Alexandra, a decor expert, and this is my series, Make My Space Work, where I help entrepreneurs in a desperate need of a change. These are people with a mile long to do list and so making over their workspaces is the last thing on their mind. Today I'm helping Natnael who works out of his condo. He's sells techie things, he has a completely paperless online store, and he's a true minimalist.

And my budget for this episode is $900. Make sure you're pin itd so you don't miss any new episodes. So let's do it. My name is Natnael and I'm an online seller. So I sell gadgets and electronics, stuff like this.

I've been selling online now for about 18 months. I came to Canada in July 2017, just starting a new life. The opportunity I had to come to North America to, like, make something of myself, and that's really exciting. Knowing that I wouldn't be able to see none of my friends or family for a very long amount of time. So I did a bunch of jobs.

They were exhausting, like physically exhausting my body, and I wasn't able to use my mind. And that was one of the main reasons that motivated me to create an online store. My place is empty. I don't know what to do with it. And it would be, like, helpful if I had somebody to help me with that.

Please Alexandra, help me make my space work! I can't believe Natanel came to this country with nothing, and in just two short years has built an entire business from his condo living room. When I walked in there, he only had, like, three pieces of furniture. He doesn't need a lot of stuff and he's never really thought about decor before. So this is a really exciting project for me to take on because I literally have a blank canvas to work with. The one thing Natnael said that he wanted in his workspace, was it to be cozy.

Okay. I can work with that. I'm so honored that I get to make over the space for him and really turn his living area into a cozy place that he wants to work in every single day. The things that I know I want to do to this space right off the bat are paint the walls white. It seems that every landlord always paints the walls, like, beige.

It might seem like a small kind of color transition going beige to white, but you'd be amazed at what a difference a beautiful white on the walls will make. Hey guys, so today's prep day for Natnael. We have painted his space white - didn't want to show you guys that, it's like as boring as reading paint dry. I'm going to do a little bit of floor planning. Now, this is something I love to do whenever I get back from a space that I've scouted and I've taken measurements.

I love to just draw up a little floor plan to kind of see where the furniture is going to go before I actually get into the space and start styling. The layout is one thing that I feel like really needs to change. So right now, Natnael has a dining table right under the dining light in his condo. And it seems like the obvious place to put a table, but the reality is the place he spends most of his time is at his desk, which is kind of, like, shoved in the corner beside his couch. Natnael is not one to host dinner parties, like, every single night and yet this entire space is being taken up by this dining table.

I was, like, these two have to switch. His dining table needs to be more in the corner, and this dining nook is the perfect spot to create a home office, which is exactly what I'm going to do. It's reveal day. The day has finally come! I decided to bring my kitten to work today. She's a decor expert.

First thing we're going to do is hang some wallpaper. It's actually a beautiful mural. His business is completely paperless, it's all online. So storage and organization and, like, adding stuff really wasn't an option. So I decided to send my money on something that was a little pricier because I had the extra room in my budget to do so.

A great hack for hanging wallpaper is to paint where the ceiling meets the wall, and the corner of the wall. That way, if your ceiling or the side of your wall isn't straight, you have some sort of backdrop that blends in with the color of your wallpaper. So we decided to go with white. Pick whatever color you think works best with your wallpaper. So the next thing we're going to do is draw a very straight line using a level where the first panel ends.

A lot of people think that you want to start in the corner, but the corner of a wall isn't always square. So after we've got our first panel up, then we're going to move onto the next one, and the next one, and the next one after that! And then finally we're going to have a beautiful mural. I wish we could just like fast forward and the murals, like, up behind me, but we actually have to do the work. So I wanted this mural to blend in with the very minimal amount of furniture he has. I wanted it to be impactful, but not too overbearing.

So I really hope that he likes it cause this is kind of the main focal point of this room. Okay. Moment of truth. I'm going to step back. Take a look.

See it all finished. Oh, Lottie's coming. Oh my goodness. It looks so good. It's like textured and soft, but also, like, really warm.

It's perfect. Well I hope he loves this or else that would be disappointing cause it's an entire wall. Oh, yeah that's new too. But we were talking about the wallpaper. What do you think? Nope.

Just no. Okay. Natnael does tons of calls with his team on a daily basis - they're overseas - and this mural is such a great backdrop for him to do those calls every day. After splurging on the accent wall, I still had a little bit of budget left to buy a big ticket item and I had to really think long and hard about what that item would be. Now rugs are such a big ticket item in general, especially when you go for something like I have.

This rug has cotton and wool, so it's really good quality. It's really warm and inviting. Buying an off-white or just like plain basic white rug for this space would have been the predictable thing to do. It would have meant that the mural was, like, the main focus of the space, and I wanted all of the decor to feel balanced. And if you're like Natnael and love anything minimal and clean, go for a black and white rug.

Try and find something with a pattern that has very clean lines. The key is that you want your rug to frame your furniture. So when I put this desk on it, there's going to be an equal amount of rug on each side. Speaking of the desk, let's bring it in. I'm really excited.

It's really gonna make this nook feel more like an office. I really am having a hard time. Okay. Now it's time to switch the dining furniture with Natnael's desk and chair. This looks so much better already and it goes to show that sometimes you don't have to spend anything.

You can just switch around your furniture. This means that Natnael gets to stare at the view outside of his window. If you're working from home, you should at least be able to choose your view. Am I right? Natnael is a minimalist, which means that he doesn't have a lot of paper or, like, things. One thing he does have out in the open, which I know a lot of people can relate to, is an internet modem.

So I am actually going to show you guys a really fun hack. Got yourself a basket and get one that has holes in it like this. We're going to unplug the modem briefly, and then you're going to put the modem into the basket and feed the chords through the holes. And then we're just going to tuck it in the corner where he had it. It's completely hidden! And it doesn't look like an eyesore.

This way the modem breathes. You don't want to put it in, like, an enclosed space with no holes. Next up is those final finishing touches that are going to decorate this space. I knew that, like, the wallpaper and the rugs were going to be enough for him, but I wanted to add in that one extra thing that was going to really make this space totally complete. So I thought I need to bring in all of the plants.

Because I have never met someone who doesn't love plants. If you don't love plants, let me know in the comments that should not, that should not be you. Let's see how many people in the comments don't like plants. Natnael had mentioned that plants reminded him of his mom. And so I thought this would be a nice way to bring a piece of home into his workspace.

And for the final finishing touch, I'm bringing in this neon light that says "ok". It's super cute. It was under $20, which is great. It doesn't need to serve a function. It's just going to sit on his desk.

It pops against the blue and is that final finishing touch. Now I know that I didn't add furniture into the space and that I spent a lot on the decor aspect of it, but that's really what Natnael was looking for, and so I knew that I had to focus on things that were going to bring comfort and style into this little nook. It's time to bring Natnael in to reveal the space, but first we need a final budget counter. My budget was $900, let's see what I spent. Can I get the final budget count? Okay.

I went over my $12.02. It was that last plant, but it reminds him of home so worth it, right? Worth it. Right there. You don't, don't look. Okay.

So before you open your eyes, I want you to picture where your desk was before, where your dining table was and what this whole space looked like before I came. Sure. One, two, three. Oh yeah, I like it. Yeah, definitely.

I wanted to keep it minimal and simple but still decorative, which is why I went for the kind of watercolor mural. Yeah. I really like the background. And then I wanted to bring in a rug that brought in like pattern and style. And your desk was beautiful, the desk you already, you already had was great.

And then obviously lots of plants because you've got so much light in here. And now you're not, like, staring at a wall, you can look outside when you work. Yeah. Especially I like the plants. Do you think you'll work better in this space? Yeah, definintely, definitely.

Just one question. I never had plants before and I don't want them to die on me so. I want to say Natanel loves the space. He's a man of very few words, so I would love to know what you guys think down below. And if you guys want to be a part of this makeover series, all of our contact details are down in the description box.


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