What do you see when you look at these images? You might think these were images of modern

art, but what you are really seeing are stunning. scientific photographs of magnified cells. Every living thing in the world—plants, pets, people—is made up of cells, the microscopic. building blocks of life.

You might not give much thought to cellular activity on a day-to-day basis, but many of. the world's most brilliant scientists devote their entire careers to understanding how living systems work. Developing a deep understanding of how cells work allows scientists to better understand. how entire organisms work. Basic scientific research lays the groundwork for a greater understanding of health, disease and environmental changes.

Take Dr. Ryan Bracewell at University of California, Berkeley. Among his many research interests are bark beetles. Dr. Bracewell spends many of his days outdoors collecting beetles. Then he brings them into. his lab for observation Dr. Bracewell hopes that studying something as microscopic as cells can lead to a better understanding of issues as big as evolution and even climate change Dr. Melissa Wilson is a scientist at Arizona State University.