The top 25 manners that we should teach our children and some adults because manners are just an outward sign of inner character that's today's topic on coffee with Colleen good morning and welcome to coffee with Colleen and Colleen Hammond I'm a former on-camera. meteorologist for the weather website during executive image consultant coach and business mentor and 30 days or less I help women dress for their body type.

Their coloring and their career so that they could send the best image possible and feel good about themselves because don't feel great when you're wearing your favorite outfit today we're talking about manners and the top 25 manners that we need to teach our children but quite frankly when we start going through these manners.

I think you'll see that a lot of people don't knew these as adults so that's going to be today's topic is the top 25 manners that we should be teaching our children and number one is to always say please and thank you and send a thank-you note when's the last time you got a handwritten thank-you note you want to talk about standing out above everybody else then the handwritten thank-you note you know but manners at their core truly are character its virtue.

It's how we treat other people who can't do anything for us and one of the signs when you're dating or you're out with somebody or at a business meeting and you go out to a meal you want to know a lot about somebody see how they treat the server how they treat somebody that can do nothing for them in return except for bringing food but a great example of good manners.