In this article we’re gonna learn about how to do math with things that only sometimes happen. They might be likely or unlikely. We’re gonna learn about Probability. Usually in math we deal with things that always happen the same way.

They’re completely certain. Like if you add 1 and 1 you’re always gonna get 2. If you multiply 2 and 3 you’re always gonna get 6. There’s no uncertainty at all. But in the real world things aren’t always so predictable.

Take a coin toss for example. We can’t predict whether it will be heads or tails. It’s unpredictable or random, and that’s why some people will. flip a coin to help decide which of two things to do. That’s how I make every decision in life.

Why am I not surprised?. Oh no!. Good luck. But even though we don’t know what each coin flip is going to be,. we do know a few things about it.