Kids are pretty amazing they absorb languages like talkative sponges while I'm still struggling to nail down. English how do that do they do. hey you whippersnappers Julian here for dnews I'm just gonna come right out and say it kids are dumb most of them don't know the first thing about quantum mechanics or brain surgery but my goodness do they pick things up quick what is their secret well you may be tempted to think.

It's because their brains are growing I mean you look at a kid's head and there's just not a lot of brain you can fit in there so maybe children are generating more brain cells until they become adults well that might be a small part of it you were already born with oodles of noodles though around 100 billion.

I'm about as many brain cells as you're going to have for your whole life you will add more to your olfactory bulb prefrontal cortex cerebellum and hippocampus by age 2 though you only keep making new neurons in your hippocampus the part of your brain associated with memory and learning it's possible this neurogenesis is partly responsible for why kids pick up new things so fast still the most significant thing about a child's brain development isn't the number of neurons.

It's their organization a baby is born with very few synapses connecting neurons but by age 2 or 3 they'll have more than twice as many than they will have as an adult this period is called exuberant synaptogenesis your brain will actually prune back the number of connections because it just doesn't need so many once you're a functioning adult and set in your ways before that though your brain wires get more tangled up than headphones in your pocket your brain as an adult becomes more efficient with different parts of the brain being connected a long way apart children on the other hand use neurons.