Are you somebody who is struggling in school and just can't figure out what the best way to do to study to be successful in school? Are you somebody who is a parent that might have a child. that really suffers from ADHD and just can't succeed in school and it's really hindering on their health and their whole life? Well, today we're going to be talking about my top tips.

That have helped me in my struggles with ADHD to perform well in school. Hey, everybody!. It is Dr. LeGrand here for Optimal Mind Performance. If you are new here and want peak performance. and improving on your mind, helping with ADHD, anxiety, depression, and want to know those tips and tricks, I talk about it all on this website. Go ahead and hit that pin it button. Also, if you like this article, go ahead and gives us a like as well as hit the notification bell so you don't miss out on any of the future articles that we talk about on this website.

I am Dr. LeGrand and I am somebody who has dealt with. ADHD and dyslexia. Growing up with it has been really difficult. with my schooling experience. Always being a struggle. And throughout the time, I mean, looking at my past, you know, it took a long time before I can even learn how to read and write. I was about nine years old before that even happened. In fact, the school system wanted to send me. into the Special Ed program, but my mom decided to take me out and homeschool me. Bless her heart. She actually took the time to really, all the struggle just how to just even learn how to read and write. Like I said, I was about almost nine. Well actually, I was like nine, close to 10 years old. before I really even got that down. And it was always a struggle coming through that.